Awareness Generation

IEC/BCC activities are being taken up for educating the people about the importance of “Saving the Girl Child” and also maintaining a healthy gender balance in the society through the medium of daily visual spots on local cable networks and All India Radio Jammu/Kashmir.

In addition to this, medical personnel and general public are being educated through electronic and print media about the provision of the Act and the penalties for various offences.

Sensitization through Workshop / Samelans

09 Workshops organized at Divisional level in order to sensitize the members of Divisional Advisory Committees, Radiologists both from Govt as well private sector, medical officers, Lab Tech, media persons about the PC &PNDT Act and gender equity.

15 workshops organized at the District level for sensitizing the medical officers and other health care service providers about PC -PNDT Act and gender equity.

Public Sammelans

Public Sammelans organized in the districts of Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur and Samba with the involvement of NGOs, representatives of civil society, public, legal fraternity, officers from all the related departments (Social Welfare/Education/ Rural Development etc) service providers (Doctors/ paramedics/ ASHAs etc).

Rallies and Debates on promotion of the issues related to girl child are being held in the schools on regular basis to educate the prospective parents.

Awards to fully Immunized Girl Child

Every child should complete the recommended series of immunization. Immunization protects them against several dangerous diseases. A child who is not immunized is more likely to fall victim to six major killer diseases, become permanently disabled or could possibly die.

The State has introduced a new initiative under NRHM in which a healthy fully immunized female child is given a cash award of Rs.500 with a view to ensure that the female babies are fully immunized.

Other initiatives