It was constituted vide Government order No.335- HME of 2004 dated 05-08-2005 and Reconstituted vide Govt. Order No. 502-HME of 2011 dated: 20.09.2011

1 Deputy Commissioner concerned Chairman
2 Chief Medical Officer Member Secretary
3 Medical Superintendants, District Hospital Member
4 District Information Officer Member
5 District Social Welfare Officer Member
6 Senior Most Gynecologist of District Hospital Member
7 Senior Most Paediatrician of District Hospital Member
8 Leading Advocate of the District to be nominated by the Dy. Commissioner Member
9 NGO to be nominated by the Dy. Commissioner Member



  • To pay surprise visits or periodic visits to centres, Laboratories and clinics with a view to check compliance of the provision of Act and Rules.
  • To recommend to the appropriate authority cancellation or otherwise of registration of or prosecution against a centre laboratory or clinic.
  • To check and prevent contravention of provision of the Act or Rules in the area of its purview
  • To advise appropriate authority about implementation of the Act and creation of public awareness on the issue of the sex selection;
  • To seize machine as may be found appropriate.
Media Gallary Govt. order 609


 “The Juvenile – Sex ratio (0-6 Years) is the most realistic indicator of trends in female foeticide and continuing discrimination against the girl child.
It constitutes a relatively stable population – not migrating for education, work or marriage"


Any Person who gives information about occurrence of sex determination/Female Foeticide with sufficient evidence to the "Appropriate Authority" (AA) at any level shall be given a reward of Rs. 50,000 by the State.
NOTE: The information should be supported with strong evidence.