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Since time immemorial, the birth of a girl child has been seen as a stigma and a burden in many a society.

This has given rise to Female infanticide which means intentional killing of a baby girl after she is born due to preferences for male babies. With the growth and advancement of diagnostic techniques, female foetus is selectively eliminated after prenatal sex determination, avoiding birth of girls. This is an ill which is plaguing the country in as much as it has not only led to a decline in sex ratio but has also put a question mark on the so called civilized society.
Despite there being equality granted as a fundamental right by the Constitution and also numerous benefits and privileges accorded to a girl child, the situation at the ground level leaves much to be desired.

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Facts & Realities about Gender Discrimination

Every individual has a right to live and live with dignity. The same is also enshrined in the Constitution by way of the Fundamental rights. However, statistics about female infanticide and foeticide are a powerful and shocking tool for grasping the scale of the denial of women's human rights, and the extent to which so many women are expected to be 'seen and not heard'. The crime against women in general is a worldwide phenomenon with their human right getting blatantly violated with impunity.

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 “The Juvenile – Sex ratio (0-6 Years) is the most realistic indicator of trends in female foeticide and continuing discrimination against the girl child.
It constitutes a relatively stable population – not migrating for education, work or marriage"